Iotti Frigoriferi is the most prominent Italian company renting out refrigerating and catering equipment, and the only one of its kind in the world that has obtained a quality certification from TUV Germany of its Management System.

From its foundation in 1973, the company commenced in 1996 a structural and professional shift that has transformed the company into present day’s Iotti Frigoriferi srl.

The fast and continuous growth made the company one of the four biggest of its kind in Europe that same year. The company has since achieved an ever larger and more prominent position inside the most important international food exhibitions.

The inauguration of our new Headquarters in January 2008 represents a milestone in the continuous growth and success of the company.

Iotti Frigoriferi has currently the largest and most comprehensive stock of equipment and accessories in the industry, and has due to its unique structure and quality management system attained a leading position in the market both in Italy, Europe, and Worldwide.

What remains a constant is our profound dedication to our work and to customer satisfaction: a heritage from our past that constitutes a guarantee for the fullfilment of our goals and mission in the future.

The Headquarters


Our new headquarters in Pieve Modolena, Reggio Emilia inaugurated in January 2008 extends over an area of more than 8.000 sqm; 5.000 of which have already been constructed.

Our new, prestigious Headquarters with its advanced technology reflects our company philosophy of continuous harmony in its internal shape.

The three main blocks of the building are dedicated to each of the company’s macro structures: The Direction, our Technical Department, and our Logistics/Production unit.Together, they compose a unique harmonious environment whose materials and internal details conceil the avant-garde technology that distinguishes Iotti Frigoriferi.

Our Values


    Placing the customer in the centre of our activity, we edeavour to attain our customers’ complete satisfaction.

    Through continued improvement and change, we provide a unique and an innovative service developed on the latest and most sophisticated logistics and information technologies as means to fully monitor each phase of the process.

    High Quality Products and Flexibility in Service are the hallmarks of our business, attained from more than 30 years experience, and granted by the flexibility that comes with full ownership of the structures and vehicles that we rely on to do our job.

    All of this permits us to satisfy even the most particular of our customers requirements, whose primary objectives are the correct storage and best possible promotion of their products.

    Our highly qualified team stands ready to assist our customers in each phase of the process, from inception to final implementation.


    We bring innovation to the world of food promotion equipment rental. Through technological advancement, we provide a far better and more complete package of assistance and service through each step of the renting process.

    Quality and service Italian style will excel anywhere in the World.


IOTTI FRIGORIFERI’s managers have contributed to the growth soceiety and to reinforce the relationship position into european makets.