We are extending our range of services by proposing the rental, for variable periods of time, of branded refrigerators to be installed in retail outlets of your choice situated throughout the country.

The acknowledged experience we have acquired during our 40 years in the trade fair sector now allows us to propose this innovative offer.

Long-term rental allows you to spread your investments over a longer period of time while outfitting your retail outlet with a customized refrigerator as of now.

Iotti Frigoriferi: one single, reliable and dependable partner, a point of reference you can turn to for any type of requirement at food fairs or for promotional activities in retail outlets.


Our proposals include the following services:

  1. Long-term rental of refrigerators in retail outlets.
  2. Advisory service, selection and design of the refrigeration equipment better suited to the customer’s brand, making it unique and a sure success.
  3. Refrigerator customizing with your corporate logo and/or graphic prints.
  4. Fast, prompt deliveries thanks to use of our corporate vehicles for transport.
  5. Merchandising activities performed by qualified promoters.
  6. Flexibility in the management of customers’ urgent requests.
  7. Storage.
  8. Final disposal in accordance with WEEE standards.
  9. Overhauls and maintenance.
  10. Refrigeration breakdown insurance on request.