Our high standards of service aims to provide total customer satisfaction.

Both our Italian and our Export Offices are capable of analyzing individual customer requirements. Our consulting services are geared towards attaining our customers full confidence in a 360° quality based, long term relationship.

Our Logistics Department employs the latest in technology to ensure the outmost reliability in delivering and positioning of our equipment, as well as to attain complete traceability of our equipment inside the Fairgrounds.

The Testing & Control Unit oversees the testing and calibration procedures of all equipment before their delivery to eliminate the possibility of malfunctioning.

Our Customer Care Office provides full assistance services during the fairs with our specialized technicians inside the fairground, and works with CRM software to keep information about our customers up to date.



IOTTI FRIGORIFERI rents equipment for exhibitions and wine – food promotions.

National and export sales department, are able to analyze all customer demands, building solid relatioship, based on confidence and quality at 360 degrees. Logistical dapartment works with the most important tecnological standards, guaranteeing the total delivery and placement reliability, besides the equipment traceability into all exhibition district.

Control department tests and calibrates all equipment, before the delivery, guaranteeing the complete reliability of them, and decrasing the malfunctioning risks durino the rental period.

Customer care dept. Uses a CMR software, which allows to obtain an istant update of every customer signals.




With our fourty-year experience in this market IOTTI FRIGORIFERI partecipates with R&D dept.

Of th biggest Italian refrigerator company, transmitting knowledges obtained by the directly experiences with the final consumer. For this reason Per IOTTI FRIGORIFERI chooses the best supplier,diversifying from different food products, which will be placet into our equipment.



Our technical dept. Boast of highly qualified technicals and always updated about technolocial innovations.

Thanks to CMR software, we are also able to to rebuild the history of each rented or saled article, and to give instant answers about spare parts avaliability.

If requested, for the rental service, we also offer an equipe, able to resolve every kindy of assistence during all rental period.