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news 23/02/2022


Iotti Frigoriferi is a company also specialized in long term rental but did you ever ask yourself why a company should choose to rent fridges and/or other professional cooking equipment for a medium/long period?

The reasons which may lead to LTR solutions are many.

Actually, this service allows the companies to avoid investments for the purchase of equipment, especially if you think of the involvement in terms of management of the “fleet of machines” and depreciation to be handled over the years.

Renting allows investments to be spread over variable periods of time, still having the necessary availability of the equipment in terms of quantity, with products always in good conditions and a punctual assistance in case of need.

Furthermore, it is possible to use the service of customization of some products, according to the marketing and promotional activities planned in the Points of Sale (PDV) of the Large Scale Distribution (GDO) rather that in Normal Trade.

The company delivers all over Italy and thanks to a special software, the customer is able to have full control of the rented products: by using the LTR service for promotions in the PDV of the GDO, the software will give the possibility to the customer to trace the product location and send any assistance request through the software itself.

There is another opportunity that Iotti Frigoriferi offers to use LTR: the setting up of Temporary Stores or Pop Up stores, where adopting long term renting solutions of professional catering equipment can be strategic in the marketing plan; relying on Iotti Frigoriferi for this service means adopting a partner that guarantees you punctuality, professionality, quality and convenience for your promotional activities.

Over the years, we have invested very much in this service and nowadays, it represents for us an established proposal. Offering long term rental for our range of products is neither simple nor banal; we have always believed in it and constantly invested in new technologies and products to increase steadily the LTR quality. As the data in our possession show, it is a service that more and more Food&Beverage companies are using as a sales tool”.

This is how Mr Stefano Bargiacchi, CEO of Iotti Frigoriferi, explains how the company has believed in the Long Term Rental, constantly training and increasing its know-how in the name of innovation.

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