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news 02/02/2022


2020 has been a year which, due to the pandemic situation still in progress, has witnessed a total stop of the fair sector.

Thanks to its ability to diversify its service offers: long term rental, rental for fairs and events, rental and sales for promotional purposes to large-scale distribution, the company with headquarters in Reggio Emilia operating all over Europe, has decided to pursue its market strengthening strategy through an industrial plan meant to reinforce and increase its business.

Starting from the point which identifies a company, that is to say its logo, it has decided to make a restyling to match the image with its services, without forgetting the story and identity built so far.

Actually the logo has replaced the iconic ice cubes which preceded the company name to evolve in a pictogram representing 2 hexagons.

The colours and fonts remain the same.

This is the first piece of a marketing strategy which will lead to news and innovations not only for the company itself but also for its customers.

Iotti Frigoriferi, well known as leader for the rental of professional equipment, has started a renewal and implementation process for its products and services, with the insertions of new equipment in each category, cooking/professional kitchens included.

Actually the company has been structuring to look to the future and this is why it now launches the new corporate website, where it will be possible to keep updated about the dates of the events and the news of the sector.

The website, showcase of the company, will reflect it and inform about news and innovative services.

“Our company was born long time ago and has solid foundation, but we must never forget the meaning of being entrepreneur, that is to say to manage a company involving other persons;  for that reason it was our duty to look to the future and react.

So in 2021, we felt it necessary to communicate in a different and new way to keep up with the times and better present ourselves on the market.”

These are the words of Daniela Iotti, Chairman of Iotti Frigoriferi

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