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news 11/03/2022


The efficiency of the promotional activities inside the physical points of sale is nowadays acknowledged and, although the final consumer is constantly in touch with various channels, the statistics show that he wants to be informed and then prefers to buy inside the points of sale.

Institutional communication has actually lost its impact as the consumer, especially Millenials and Gen Z, rejects it, showing such distrust as to lead him well beyond indifference to the brand, or refusal.

The product storytelling and the taste experience that a promoter can make inside the Large-scale retail trade is nonetheless more effective than other promotions.

The wide portfolio of customers who rely on our LONG TERM RENTAL (LTR) services is the intangible proof that trade marketing, with in store activities, is a winning strategy for a food & beverage company.

Thanks to its experience and know-how, Iotti Frigoriferi is the right partner to choose to exhibit your product in stores with personalized solutions.

As a matter of fact, when a company decides to launch  an in store promotional campaign  within large-scale retail trade, it needs customized and smart solutions to support the company trade marketing director.

Why should you rent a refrigerated display cabinet rather than an oven or an induction hob for in store promotion? What are the advantages for a production company?

We are not talking of a single advantage, the benefits that a company can have from long term rental of professional equipment for food&beverage for in-store promotional activities  are many.

First of all, you have the advice of experts who can offer the best solutions for each product and each promotion.

Second, the company which relies on LTR services will experience the advantage of not having to manage the logistic aspects of delivery, withdrawal and maintenance of the equipment, and will benefit from the technical assistance that Iotti Frigoriferi ensures all over the Italian territory.

The synergy between Iotti Frigoriferi and the company for  LTR services, also allows to personalize and customize the equipment with graphics and other visual tools which highlight products and brands inside the points of sale of large-scale retail trade.

Iotti Frigoriferi supports the food&beverage companies in their in-store promotional activities with smart and cutting-edge solutions for Trade Marketing strategies, and for this reason, it will keep on investing in this sector of long term rental.

Actually, although the final consumers have a more digital approach due to the pandemic situation of the last few years, in-store promotion has proven to be a marketing activity destined to develop thanks to consumers who, after being informed, want to touch and see the product with their ow eyes.

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